PuddenFull name and titles:  Puddentaine
Human:  Kay Stanton

Breed:  Domestic short-hair, tuxedo style


  • Chaos incarnate
  • Curtain climber

Also answers to:

  • Pudden
  • Mr. Man
  • The Boy
  • Prominent Butthole
  • Pee-Buddy

Theme song: "Here Comes the Boy"

Bio:  Pudden is a growing 9-month old (at the time of posting) boy. His favorite things to do involve devising how to destroy the cat water-fountain, get in the sink, get in the shower, and get in your water cup/glass/bottle.  He maintains a high-quality leaf collection (spread throughout the house) from his research on the catio. He loves crinkle balls and especially putting them in the water. He loves being held and belly rubs for as long as he can stand to stay still.

Pudden also enjoys frequent WWF-style wrestling with his siblings, much to their chagrin.