It's a simple concept - 

when you learn by doing, you learn differently. You learn more. You learn beyond subject matter – you also learn about yourself.

At UGA, we couldn’t agree more. We’re passionate about the promise of Experiential Learning, and we believe it’s a foundational part of the college experience and beyond. We believe hands-on experiences inform, transform, and unlock the true potential of higher education and prepare students  to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Experiences outside the classroom are part of a powerful learning cycle that expands, stretches and enhances academic foundations to create a whole new level of awareness and understanding. It’s a proving ground where students commit to exploring, discovering, and defining how what they learn will shape who they become and what they do next.

As a leader in higher education we’re uniquely able to open virtually any door or blaze any path to create programs that enhance every field of study. We help students find and nurture the powerful connections that make experiences count.

We’re committed to Experiential Learning, and we’re invested in doing it right for every student. Our Office of University Experiential Learning ensures access to challenging and engaging experiential programs. At UGA, Experiential Learning is designed to deliver impact – for our communities, and above all, for our students. Experiential Learning can elevate a student’s trajectory, enhance  competencies and enable opportunities, now and for years to come – that’s why it’s a (required) part of every UGA degree.

Because at UGA, we believe experience is key. It’s the catalyst that empowers students to thrive.

 Build Your Future. Change Your World.

Our Story

As the nation’s first state-chartered university, the University of Georgia continues to be a leader in public higher education. Experiential learning is a distinguishing feature of a UGA education, and it will make our students exceptionally well-prepared for success after graduation.

UGA continues to set the bar high for Experiential Learning. Read more about our progress in this article from UGA Today.

Putting students firstUGA student using a microscope for research

The University of Georgia is one of the largest public universities in the nation to require each of its nearly 28,000 undergraduate students to engage in experiential learning prior to graduation. Through internships, research, service-learning, study abroad and other forms of hands-on learning, our students will have life-changing experiences tailored to their interests and aspirations.

Creating connections

By working directly with businesses, community partners and government agencies, our students build upon their academic foundations and gain experiences that distinguish them from the competition. Nearly one third of UGA students complete internships in fields as diverse as health care, international affairs, the arts and business.

Enabling discoveries

Conducting research gives students a deep understanding of their chosen field and fosters the analytical and critical thinking skills that are essential in our knowledge economy. UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities is just one of the ways our students conduct independent research in disciplines ranging from the humanities to the sciences.

Making an impact

By enabling students to apply classroom knowledge to community needs, service-learning prepares students for a lifetime of leadership. More than one quarter of UGA students enroll in service-learning courses each year.

Expanding horizons

The perspectives and insights students gain through study abroad give them an immeasurable advantage in our global economy. More than a quarter of UGA students currently study abroad at our campuses and residential centers in Cortona, Italy; and Oxford, England, or through one of hundreds of programs on all seven continents.Student standing on mountain in New Zealand