William Antoniades

William Antoniades
Gabby Brickner

Faculty Mentored Research

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Majors: Pharmaceutical Sciences, minor in Biology

College: College of Pharmacy

Career goals: After completing a Ph.D. in some area of biology, I want to work as a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company to help develop and test new therapeutics.  Eventually I want to lead my own research team at one of these companies and create a product that can treat thousands of people.

Class of 2021

William conducted faculty-mentored laboratory research on the optimization of cell-penetrating inhibitor peptides in regulating vascular inflammation.

"This research experience is directly preparing me for my career. The opportunity to be in a lab, working on a project, and getting results is invaluable. This experience is definitely the highlight of my academic career and has made my goals and future direction more clear."

“This past semester I worked with my mentor Dr. Neil Grimsey to plan, design, and perform experiments and research related to his field. Dr. Grimsey is investigating an inflammatory pathway regulated by the p38 protein, which is a promising therapeutic target for many diseases such as COPD. I learned so much about techniques used in biology, as well as the importance of self-reliance in planning and organizing experiments. During this time I found a passion for working in the lab. I really enjoyed exploring these understudied areas of biology and generating results."