Will Ruff

Will Ruff
Will Ruff

New York City Music Field Study

Hometown: Milton, GA

Major: Viola Performance; Jazz Certificate

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Career goals: My main pursuit in life is to become as proficient as possible in jazz mandolin, and to explore new methods/techniques that will allow me to bring the instrument beyond its previous genre-bound situation. I hope eventually to write books pertaining to jazz mandolin, and ideally teach the subject at a progressive university.

Class of 2021

Will participated in an immersive field study designed to be an exchange between UGA students and professional musicians in New York City.

"My time in New York City is undoubtedly something I will never forget. This experience affected not only my overall worldview, but my musicianship as well."

"The experience allowed me not only to observe various methods to make a living in one of the most active music scenes in the world, but it also allowed me to meet professional musicians and get personal insight as to how I should advance with my career. Those interactions allowed us to ask specific questions and gain a much deeper understanding of what it means to be a professional musician."

EL Scholarship Recipient