Teresa Tran

Teresa Tran
Teresa Tran

UGA at Oxford Study Away Program

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA

Majors: English, English Education, Women's Studies

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Mary Frances Early College of Education

Career goals: Published author, actress, teacher and activist

Involvement: Early College of Education Student Ambassador; Co-Leader of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of the COE Student Ambassadors; skit director & writer for UGA Vietnamese Student Association's annual award-winning charity show

Class of 2021

Teresa traveled to England to study English Literature at Oxford University.

"This EL experience opened the door for me to a bigger world. As someone who has grown up from a marginalized background and known very few Asian American writers throughout her life, this experience changed my life and helped me to accomplish more than I could imagine."

"My study abroad experience at the University of Oxford helped me build my future by allowing me to learn more about my absolute favorite English literature period: the Romantic period. Specifically, I was able to dive deeper into the works of Jane Austen and other famous Romantic and Gothic fiction writers.

Through my EL experience, I was able to further analyze the 19th Century English texts and gain valuable skills in reading, writing and critical thinking, all of which are important to my goal of becoming a published author.  This program changed my world."

EL Scholarship Recipient


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