Taylor Potter

Taylor Potter
Taylor Potter

CURO Research Assistantship

Hometown: Acworth, GA

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies; Film Studies minor; New Media Certificate, Interdisciplinary Writing Certificate

College: Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

Career goals: To write and produce for television

Hobbie/passions: Working on student films

Class of 2020

Taylor conducted CURO Research on physical disability representation in theater, film, and television. She traveled to New York City for her theater research and presented at the 2019 CURO Symposium.

"This experiential learning opportunity has further opened my eyes to the necessity of fair and accurate representation; I take this lesson with me as I pursue a career in the entertainment industry."

"Traveling to NYC for my research gave me a greater understanding of the differently abled in their experience attending live theater performances and their lack of representation in it. This experience benefitted my research tremendously, as well as myself, because I am more cognizant of when entertainment media is misrepresenting the differently abled and what I can do as a future content creator to avoid making those same mistakes in my own work."

EL Scholarship Recipient