Rachel Grimes

Rachel Grimes
Rachel Grimes

Faculty-Mentored Research

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Majors: Cellular Biology, Psychology

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Career goals: Attend medical school and become a physician

Extracurricular activities: Volunteering at Piedmont Regional Hospital; participating in Shop with a Bulldawg and UGA Miracle; also starting a stress relief club for college students

Class of 2022

Rachel conducted faculty-mentored laboratory research on the factors affecting dopaminergic neural regeneration in planarians.

"The Experiential Learning Scholarship allowed me to participate in cutting edge research and helped me gain valuable out-of-the-classroom knowledge. I learned how to be a good scientist, coworker, and creative thinker."

"This semester in Dr. Rachel Roberts-Galbraith's lab has been transformative. My project involved the  cloning and characterization of several genes thought to affect dopaminergic neurons in the planarian, a worm with regenerative powers. The knowledge gained from dopaminergic neuron research can be translated to Parkinson's Disease research. I am thankful to have gained knowledge that I would not get in the typical classroom setting."

EL Scholarship Recipient