Lucy Rubin

Lucy Rubin
Lucy Rubin

Flute Center of New York Internship (EL Internship Program)

Hometown: Higland Park, IL

Majors: Flute Performance, Music Theory

College: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences – Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Career goals:  I would love to play in an orchestra, but I would also be interested in conducting or leading an ensemble, or possibly remaining in the industry as a member or repair technician for a flute company.


Class of 2023

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Lucy spent a summer interning at the Flute Center of New York (FCNY) in Manhattan, where she gained valuable knowledge about sales, repairs, promotion, and her own instrument.

"Being an intern, especially at a company so specialized to my major, allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my role in the music industry and to make long-lasting connections to significant people in the flute world. It has opened my eyes to new career opportunities and taught me so much about myself."

Lucy Rubin holding a contrabass flute

"The Flute Center is a place where flutists from all over the world come to buy flutes, music, accessories, to get their flutes repaired, or just to chat with the resident flutists. It was in this unique environment where I was able to meet and interact with renowned musicians on several occasions, as well as helping beginners find their first flute and everything in-between. I was able to play any and every flute on our wall of flutes (which is one of the most amazing sights to see as a flute player). This really allowed me to improve my flexibility on my own instrument.

It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at FCNY, especially as an aspiring performer. I was able to do such amazing work, and I have learned so much. I miss New York greatly, but I look forward to applying my knowledge during the rest of my time at UGA and in the music industry."