Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Interdisciplinary Maymester in Tanzania

Hometown:  Fayetteville, GA

Majors:  Biology, Psychology

College:  Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Career goals:  I plan to become a neuroscience researcher and professor in the future, and I am now considering researching culture in neuroscience.


Class of 2020

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Kevin traveled to Tanzania for a 3-week long interdisciplinary study abroad program.

"All the immersive experiences, along with what I learned directly from UGA professors, have directly impacted my own thought processes regarding topics of humanity, its history and future, psychology and neuroscience, and daily life in a general sense. This program has proven to be a life-changing experience for me."

Kevin Williams standing in sea with local women in Tanzania

"Throughout this program we spent time in Moshi, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti, where we interacted with people of very different backgrounds. These experiences were supplementedby an Intro to Anthropology course as well as a Cross-Cultural Psychology course.

Observing and interacting with the local people provided much insight, confirmation, and questionsabout psychological concepts that I had already studied. In short, my journey in Tanzania has left me with a lot to think about and reflect on, and it has certainly informed and changed many of my concepts about my fields of study as well as my future career and daily life."