Cole Hooper

Cole Hooper
Cole Hooper

UGA Small Satellite Research Lab

Hometown:  Johns Creek, GA

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

College:  College of Engineering

Career goals:  I would love to work in the aerospace/aviation industry not only because of my awe of flight and space travel, but also because it pushes the bounds of what we know and creates many useful products that help people live better, safer lives. In any field I end up in, I see myself pursuing a management/ project lead role.


Class of 2022

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Cole worked in the UGA Small Satellite Research Lab (SSRL), where students collaborate to build and launch actual satellites into orbit.


"The lab not only taught me about the specifics of satellite communication, but it also showed me where some of my career interests lie and helped me grow into a better team member.  My time in the lab revealed that I would enjoy an engineering management position."

Interior view of Small Satellite Research Lab


“In my time at the lab, I was on the mission operations (MOPS) team. This team is responsible for communications with the satellite when in orbit. Communication includes telling the satellite which mode to be in as well as receiving and decoding information it sends back.


The SSRL gave me good insight into what starting my career may look like.  There was a sharp learning curve, and there was a sense that I really should work towards improvement.  I learned that I would prefer to be in more of a leadership role as opposed to the technical or design work that engineers often do.  I really enjoy leading projects, and the opportunity to mesh that with critical thinking and problem-solving skills will greatly benefit me no matter what field I end up in."