Caroline Taylor

Seeley Caroline Taylor
Caroline Taylor

Spencer Frye Fellowship Program

Hometown: Rush, NY

Majors: International Affairs

College: School of Public & International Affairs (SPIA)

Career goals: I hope to be doing policy research in the D.C. area after graduation.

Involvement: Member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, Young Democrats of UGA, and a SPIA Ambassador

Class of 2020

Caroline participated in the Spencer Frye Fellowship and was able to experience Georgia state politics up close as a Legislative Fellow and Aide. 

"The Frye Fellowship was unlike any other internship or professional experience I have had thus far. I was offered a unique opportunity to have a seat at the table, actually create policy, and immerse myself in Georgia state politics.  I feel more ready and empowered to take on the next opportunity."

"I was offered a unique seat at the table in Georgia state politics. Since Representative Frye's entire staff is comprised of students, we were able to do the real work required to help, write, and pass legislation in the state."

"This program was an integral part of my UGA experience as I not only grew through my experience at the Georgia Capitol and in my ability to write legislation, but as I grew as a person because of the incredible fellows I was surrounded by and the work we were able to do in the Athens community."

EL Scholarship Recipient