Office of Sustainability Internship Program

student holding water bottlesThe Office of Sustainability Student Internship Program

enables students to work on diverse projects directly with office staff, with on-campus partners, and also with nonprofits, businesses, and agencies in the community.

 Purpose: To provide students with opportunities for experiential learning, leadership, and professional development
while making a positive and tangible impact within the University of Georgia and Athens communities

Sponsor: Finance and Administration

EL Area: Internship

 Boy DrillingInterns use what they learn in the classroom to address complex local challenges with global relevance, while honoring UGA's commitments to healthier people, a more secure future, and stronger communities. Through this experience, they cultivate professional skills while developing competencies in future, critical and systems thinking so they are better equipped to succeed post-graduation.

The Office of Sustainability has hosted over 422 internship positions, fostering the knowledge and passion to thrive in careers as business analysts, energy engineers, landscape architects, public relations specialists, government planners and lawyers, etc. 

"From the Chew Crew prescribed grazing forest restoration program, to communication strategies for behavior change, to the departmental compost program now serving over 80 buildings on campus, these students give me hope when I'm at my most jaded and challenge me to continually strive for a more sustainable UGA and broader community. "

 - Tyra Byers, Sustainability Coordinator