Student Academic Honesty Council Student Ambassador Program

Student Academic Honesty Council Student Ambassadors

work throughout the academic year to address potential violations in the University of Georgia's academic honesty policy, "A Culture of Honesty," through Academic Honesty Panels and serve to bring awareness to academic integrity issues on campus.

Purpose: To provide positive peer-to-peer experiences that foster academic integrity at UGA and transform undergraduate students into ethical leaders

Sponsor: Office of Academic Honesty/Office of Instruction

EL Area: Leadership


Students promoting Academic Honesty at tabling event outdoors


Student ambassadors develop their leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills by serving alongside faculty members on Academic Honesty Panels, assessing potential academic honesty policy violations and deciding whether to assign sanctions from the policy.

Ambassadors also work to educate their fellow students about issues and policies surrounding academic honesty and integrity through outreach, including classroom presentations, and by hosting Academic Integrity Week and the Academic Honesty Debate each fall.



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“The goal of this program was to develop a peer support network for academic integrity, making it more accessible and understood by the students enrolled at UGA, and to help our Student Ambassadors become ethical leaders who possess the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills they will need to excel in their future endeavors. Our office values the extent to which these students champion academic integrity."

- Courtney Cullen, Program Coordinator