Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

Interns collecting samplesThe Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

provides internship opportunities for students interested in expanding their practical experience through public service, outreach, education, communications, and scientific research.

Purpose: To provide students professional development in research, extension and education.   

Sponsor: Public Service and Outreach

EL Area: Internship

Interns work closely with faculty and staff to support the program’s mission of providing research, education, training, and science-based outreach to assist Georgia in solving problems and realizing opportunities for its coastal and marine environments. Interns gain hands-on experience leading educational programs and extension projects, participating in applied research, assisting with aquarium animal husbandry, and working as members of the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant team. Students leave their internship with a stronger understanding of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, environmental literacy, healthy coastal ecosystems, and resilient communities and economies. 

Nina Sassano

“This internship program is an excellent place for students to begin their career in environmental and marine sciences. Students are trusted to take on research, education or extension projects while being provided with professional development and networking opportunities along the way. I am continually inspired by our student interns. They give me hope for a bright and sustainable future.”

- Nina Sassano, Educator and Intern Coordinator