Extra Special People(ESP)

combo image of gamesExtra Special People, Inc. (ESP)

is a non-profit community partner that creates opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to engage, connect, and thrive. UGA students have the chance to serve in multiple roles with varying degrees of responsibility.

Purpose: To provide students opportunities to work alongside individuals with disabilities in
the community while honing their service and leadership skills

Sponsor: Office of Instruction

EL Areas: Internship, Leadership, Service


  • ESP 360 Volunteers work with ESP "buddies," their families, and the community during after school programs, summer camps, and other activities
  • ESP Interns are an integral part of the staff and work with PR and marketing plans, social media, fundraising events, and project management.
  • ESP Assistantships are reserved for students who have excelled as ESP Interns. They have ownership of projects in their field, including PR, marketing, development, program planning, and more. 

Student with child

"UGA Students make up 80% of our volunteer pool, and we would not be able to keep our programs a 1:1 facility without them. These students are making a huge impact on our participants' lives by allowing them to foster relationships, develop independence, and have some fun with their peers. As huge of an impact as these students are making on our participants and their families, I've seen even greater growth within the students' lives as they learn about people of all abilities, pure joy, unconditional love, and real friendships."

- Hunter Pugh, Volunteer Coordinator