Aspire Clinic

Student directing patient on a piece of paperThe ASPIRE Clinic Internship

is a unique experiential learning site that offers undergraduate students interested in clinical work and future mental health or therapy careers an inside look at what it takes to run an on-campus clinic.

Purpose: To increase students' knowledge of clinical services and enhance critical thinking about classroom learning
in a real-world settings

Sponsor: College of Family & Consumer Sciences

EL Area: Internship

Interns assist with the daily running of ASPIRE and the management of the Clinic's busy front office, along with special projects, events, research efforts, and other tasks that help them to reach their personal and professional development goals.

Document being shown to a personASPIRE interns are mentored through one-on-one discussions and collaborative group meetings. Interns are also connected to a team of faculty, staff, and graduate students who all help to elevate their internship experience and guide them toward their next steps.

"I think the key to a rewarding internship experience is a strong, intentional mentorship. ASPIRE takes pride in its dedication to experiential learning opportunities and would not thrive they way we do without our amazing undergraduate intern team."

- Megan Ford, MS, LMFT, ASPIRE Clinic Coordinator