Scholarship FAQs

Experiential Learning scholarships are open to undergraduate students, including transfer students, with at least one semester of UGA coursework who are pursuing experiential learning courses or non-credit activities aligned with the UGA Experiential Learning Requirement. Eligibility requirements must be met at the time of applying, not at the time of a proposed EL activity.

Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.4.

All applicants must have a recommendation letter submitted on their behalf, preferably written by a UGA faculty member who is familiar with your work.

Eligibility for this scholarship does not guarantee that an applicant will receive funding. Eligibility indicates that the application will be reviewed by the EL Scholarship Committee.

Some general suggestions for students wanting to make their applications stronger are the following:

  • Write a strong essay that articulates a compelling link between the Experiential Learning opportunity and your current program of study/ future career aspirations. We strongly recommend the UGA Writing Center for assistance on your essay.
  • Use your essay as a way to set yourself apart from your fellow applicants. Tell us what makes you unique–your personal challenges, experiences, dreams, accomplishments, etc.
  • Demonstrate a strong academic record, especially in your respective major area.
  • Present a strong letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well and, ideally, is faculty in your field of study at UGA.

Experiential Learning scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of UGA faculty and staff who review each eligible, complete application that is submitted before the deadline.

Our office’s feedback on your application will not necessarily improve your chances of being selected for a scholarship. If you would like assistance with your essay, we strongly recommend the UGA Writing Center or if you are applying for funding for a study abroad or field study program, you are encouraged to set up an appointment with a Global Education Advisor.

Yes. The application must include a letter of recommendation.  Strong preference is given to applications that include a recommendation from a UGA Faculty Member.

Please note that all recommendation letters must be submitted by the application deadline.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate deadlines to the recommender(s). While only one recommendation letter is required, applicants are welcome and encouraged to seek multiple recommendations. 

A letter of recommendation should come from an individual who knows you well in an academic and/or professional capacity. Strong recommendations from faculty in your field of study at UGA who can speak to what you will potentially contribute to your selected Experiential Learning activity are preferred.

No. Please only apply for one activity per application cycle.
No. Students who have received scholarships from the Office of University Experiential Learning in the past are not eligible to reapply for scholarships.
No. Experiential Learning scholarships may only be awarded to individuals who are participating in UGA-approved Experiential Learning opportunities. If you are interested in participating in an internship, study abroad program, or other activity that falls outside of this list, it is your responsibility to speak with an academic advisor or Experiential Learning Certification Officer about which UGA courses could be taken for credit under the supervision of a UGA faculty member in conjunction with your selected activity.
The amount of funding you ask for has no bearing on whether or not you are selected for a scholarship. What is important is that the amount you request is justified by the budget that you provide in your application.
All scholarship applicants will be informed of their status approximately 7-8 weeks after the scholarship deadline. 
No. Your award is contingent upon the activity you listed on your application, as that information was used to determine the committee's awarding decision. We can only transfer EL Scholarships in cases of entire program cancellations, not an individual's change in plans.
No, funding from EL Scholarships cannot be deferred. You can apply for the EL Scholarship again if you forfeit your funds from a previous EL award. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your application will be selected again due to the uniquely competitive nature of each applicant pool. 
Scholarship funds awarded after July 1, 2022, can no longer be deferred due to COVID. Students who were awarded EL Scholarships between Fall 2019 and Spring 2022 and are eligible for COVID deferments have already been contacted by our office. 


If you have questions regarding your application,  please email the Office of Experiential Learning at or call: 706-542-2177.