Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

Only applicants who have already completed IDEA 4000/6000: Innovation Catalyst and Design will be eligible to apply for the Student Industry Fellows Program.

Fellows will gain real-world experience and will apply and sharpen innovation abilities and competencies, including business analysis, market research, design thinking, and project management. You will also gain exposure to diverse employer cultures and work environments.

Projects teams will consist of 3-4 Fellows, and the course instructor(s) will determine the cross-disciplinary project teams by major, skills, competencies, and project needs.

Between class time, project team sessions, and individual project work, minimum engagement will be at least ten (10) hours per week.

We prefer for Fellows to commit to participate in the Program for two semesters.


Industry Partner FAQs

Projects will look different based on your organization’s needs. We plan to work to develop opportunities that benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and innovation.

A project team will consist of 3 to 4 Fellows from multiple academic disciplines.

Fellows will collaborate with the client to identify specific project scope. With support from the Course Instructor, Fellows will create their Project Team's milestones, objectives, and key results to meet client expectations.

Yes, client partners should contact Amy Sweet to discuss the volume and cadence of projects that will best support their initiatives.

Day-to-day work is conducted in the Innovation District facility. We encourage site visits if travel permits and would encourage the opportunity for the final student project pitch to take place at the host organization.

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