Program Overview

  • The Student Industry Fellows Program (SIFP) is a signature Innovation District initiative housed within the Office of University Experiential Learning. The Program objective is to cultivate innovation competencies among UGA undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Student Fellows will populate interdisciplinary project teams (1-2 per semester) in mutually-beneficial partnerships with industry stakeholders, start-ups, government agencies, and other community organizations which are seeking to solve emergent and pressing challenges through unique, cross-disciplinary courses and experiences.

  • The Program consists of two immersive and experiential courses including:

    • IDEA 4000/6000: Innovation Catalyst and Design - This course exposes students of any background, interest, and passion to the practice of innovation. Drawing from interdisciplinary methods and tools from fields like design, engineering, the arts, social sciences, and business, this course is designed to immerse students into the concepts of cross-disciplinary, team-based project work as well as enhance core skills required to implement innovation and problem-solving. The course places a heavy emphasis on consultative approaches and experiential learning through site visits, case studies, or practitioner interactions.

    • IDEA 4020/6020: Industry Student Fellows Projects - This course places students into interdisciplinary teams to collaborate with faculty on real-world, client projects serviced through the Student Industry Fellows Program. Students will conduct and provide research, build a product prototype, engage in early state development, be responsive in communication, and ultimately present the project to the client.

  • Students who are selected as Fellows will receive targeted training and support, serve as campus ambassadors for UGA’s innovation ecosystem, and will work on hands-on projects with industry partners and student colleagues from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. 

  • Fellows will conduct and provide research, build a product prototype, engage in early-stage development, be responsive in communication, and present the project to and receive feedback from the client.

  • Fellows must successfully complete the prerequisite IDEA 4000/6000: Innovation Catalyst and Design Course before they can be selected into the Student Industry Fellows Program.


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