Thomas Spoerer

Thomas Spoerer
Thomas Spoerer

Creature Comforts Sustainable Metrics Intern/ Office of Sustainability Internship

Hometown: Dunwoody, GA

Majors: Environmental Engineering, Biology

College: College of Engineering, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Career goals: I plan to pursue a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. After graduate school, I hope to join the biotechnology start-up world, offering my relevant skills in tissue engineering but also introducing the biomedical industry to sustainable initiatives.

Class of 2021

Thomas served as a Sustainable Metrics Intern with Creature Comforts, a local brewery.  The internship was sponsored by the UGA Office of Sustainability.

"My experience helped me build my future because it helped me realize my extreme preference for working in small business. It also helped me realize that initiatives related to sustainability help make a company more efficient and less costly overall, which is good for business and the environment!"

"I worked with Creature Comforts to help jump-start their efforts towards establishing more sustainable initiatives. Much of my work dealt with collecting/ analyzing data regarding the company's utility usage in both of their brewing facilities. We used this data to establish reduction targets so that the company could be less resource intensive overall and less taxing on the environment. I also helped to design and optimize processes in the brewery to lower the amount of water, energy, or carbon dioxide use per brewing cycle. "