Tatiana Anthony

Tatiana Anthony
Tatiana Anthony

Service Learning in Tanzania

Hometown: Decatur, GA

Major: Psychology, African Studies Certificate

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Career goals: Get my PhD in Clinical Counseling and open my own practice that will cater to children

Hobbies/passions: I've taken three courses in Swahili; I enjoy speaking it with my friends!

Class of 2020

Tatiana traveled to Moshi, Tanzania, to volunteer at an orphanage and a boarding school for children with disabilities.

"This trip has immensely impacted my life. I've broken barriers... I am now the first person in my family to study abroad, to visit Africa. In the words of my mother, I've 'been to places that those before me  never got to see with their own eyes.'"

"I've left Tanzania a changed woman! I have flown across seas, lived by the motto "Hakuna Matata," and fully immersed myself into a culture I thought I'd never experience. Even now, I am still in awe... Service Learning in Tanzania impacted my studies and long-term goals through volunteer service, exploring wildlife, and various social interactions with native Swahili speakers. I'm so thankful that I was chosen to receive the EL Scholarship. This dream of mine was once unimaginable, and now I can say that I've studied abroad! I've had a great experience!"

EL Scholarship Recipient