Santhosh Subasinghe

Santhosh Subasinghe
Santhosh Subasinghe

Regions Financial Internship / ECON 4800 Internship Course

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Majors: Computer Science, Economics; Certificate in FinTech

Colleges: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences, Terry College of Business

Career goals:  Quant Trader/Developer, starting my own investing firm in 5 years


Class of 2022

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Santhosh interned as a quantitative analyst/developer at Regions Financial in Birmingham, Alabama, in conjunction with the ECON 4800 internship course.

"My internship at Regions Financial was an atypical experience that pushed me beyond my comfort zone. The program significantly improved my ability to code, understand the financial sector holistically, and develop soft skills that will be integral for my career going forward."

Santhosh Subasinghe working at a laptop


"My internship helped me break into the financial technology sector. I had a genuine passion for working in the business intelligence unit, which was located in the treasury division. My ability to code was primarily developed through a series of scripts/tools, which will continue to be of use beyond my time. I felt that I had a lasting impact at Regions, as I made flexible code that will be leveraged by numerous associates across the bank.

Beyond technical skills, I also learned that success in the financial world is largely dependent on one’s communication skills. To be able to converse with clients and associates clearly allows for confidence to be built, which leads to better opportunities and deals in the future. This also allowed me to explore different industries and careers."