Olivia Fassino

Olivia Fassino
Olivia Fassino

Transfer Student Experience (TSE) Peer Mentor Program; College of Public Health Study Abroad Program

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Major: Food Industry Marketing & Administration

College: College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Career goals: Graduate school for Dietetics and then to become a dietitian and work in disease prevention

Class of 2019

Olivia served two years as a Transfer Student (TSE) Peer Mentor.  She also participated in a Service-Learning Study Abroad Program.

"The Transfer Student Peer Mentor program gave me the power to create an organization that reaches out to transfer students and makes them feel welcome the second they move to Athens."

"Freshman year I attended a small private university and knew I needed to transfer to a larger school with broader opportunities. I wanted a university that would prepare me for a career in health and nutrition. When I transferred to UGA, I noticed a problem and wanted to fix it for future transfer students. There were opportunities for freshman to get involved, but there weren't many events specifically targeting transfer students."


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