MaryGrace Trogdon

Mary-Grace Trogdon
Mary-grace in the sea

Tropical Marine Invertebrates and Ecosystems Field Study

Hometown: Cumming, GA

Major: Animal Health; minors in Ecology & Avian Biology

College: College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Career goals: To become a veterinarian and work primarily with exotic species and wildlife

Class of 2021

Mary-Grace traveled to the Key Largo Marine Research Laboratory in the Florida Keys to study tropical marine invertebrates and ecosystems.


"My participation in this field study was driven by a desire to seek as much exotic animal experience as possible, as well as to engage myself in programs that encourage and advance my ability to think scientifically and connect me with the community of established professionals."

"As a student, I got to know a variety of marine invertebrates present in the Bay environment,

seagrasses, mangroves, coral reefs, as well as within the Florida Everglades. I strengthened my understanding of environmental research and honed those skills by completing my own research project all the way through the submission of a scientific paper. Ultimately, each experience within this course provided participation in animal and environmental education and entirely fulfilled my hopes for personal growth and learning."

EL Scholarship Recipient