Luke Gamble

Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble

UGA Hockey Marketing Intern Program

Hometown: Ocilla, GA

Majors: Journalism, Sport Management; SportsMedia Certificate

Colleges: Grady College of Journalism, College ofEducation

Career goals: To become a sports reporter in local television or for a professional sports team. I hope to one day work for a major sports outlet as a sports broadcaster.

Class of 2020

Luke is in his third year of serving as marketing intern for the UGA Hockey Team, the Ice Dawgs.

"From the ground up, this internship really changed my life. It made me appreciate the game of hockey, but more importantly, it has helped me grow as a person and leader."

"For the last two years I have served as the marketing manager for the team. My job is to oversee an intern team of about 15 students and lead the way in marketing efforts through social media."

"I have had countless opportunities to build my resume by working with this team, and each one has

been unique. I have learned so much about how to create a better presence online, as well as learning

how to impact people through digital media."