Logan Hutcheson

Logan Hutcheson
Logan Hutcheson

Cisco Systems Virtual Internship (EL Internship Program

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Majors: Biology, Computer Science

College: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Career goals: I have a lot of options for my future career, and I plan to accept a stimulating new grad position in either a pure technology field or in biotechnology.

Extracurricular activities: I am also actively working on a project for the Hart County Humane Society.

Class of 2020

Logan completed a virtual internship as a software engineer with Cisco Systems, where he was part of the Wireless Access Point Team.

"Working for Cisco remotely as a software engineer intern has been very professionally rewarding. I gained everything I wanted to and more. Cisco has shown me that technology can change the world."

"My goal was to develop better workplace skills. My project and daily meetings with colleagues taught me about the work-flow of a professional developer. Professionally, I learned skills in software engineering such as scripting and experience with cutting-edge technologies.

I wrote python scripts to automate configuration and make developers' lives easier. I was able to present my work in front of 50+ engineers."


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