Karla Abundis Betancourt

Karla Abundis Betancourt
Karla Abundis Betancourt

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) – FHCE 4235S

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

Major: Accounting; minor in Spanish

College: Terry College of Business

Career goals: After graduation, I intend to work for a Big Four public accounting firm in their audit practice for a few years to gain hands-on knowledge and experience. My ultimate career goal is to become a consultant or possibly even start my own business.


Class of 2021

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Karla participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) through the FHCE 4235S Applied Financial Planning Service-Learning Course.


"I certainly know a lot more about taxes now than I did before VITA, and it was amazing to see my hard work pay off when I would hear the appreciation in a client’s voice. VITA gave me professional skills I can use to market myself, and it truly made me feel like I made an impact on the client, the community, and the world."

Karla Abundis Betancourt holding tax documents

"VITA prepared me to assist the citizens of Georgia with their tax returns. The program had three main stages: pre-tax season, which prepared us for tax returns, tax-season, and then wrapping things up at the end of tax-season. I had about 14 total clients. Every single one made me smile, and I felt honored to assist each of them with their tax return.

I would oftentimes run into tax circumstances that were challenging or unknown to me, but I did my best to research a solution or to do everything I could to solve it the best way possible. I had the chance to help the community with a tax preparation service at no cost to them. The experience was worthwhile, and it truly felt like I made an impact on people’s lives."