Gabby Brickner

Gabby Brickner
Gabby Brickner

Experiential Learning Programs Intern

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Majors: Marketing with Digital Emphasis; New Media Certificate

College: Terry College of Business

Career goals: My career goals range from a Market Research Analyst to a Content Marketing Manager or Multimedia Designer. Whatever path I choose, I would like to work for a company that prioritizes sustainable practices.

Hobbies/passions: I have a strong passion for creating, and I love to incorporate that into everything I do.

Class of 2021

Gabby interned with the Office of University Experiential Learning, where she focused on marketing, public relations, content creation, project management, and outreach.


"My experience has not only let me explore the field in which I'd like to work one day, but also is shaping me into the professional I'd like to become, and I think that is why an experiential education is so important for everyone."

"I cannot stress enough how valuable this experience has been for my professional development. As the Programs Intern, I've had the chance to work in a professional environment but also have my voice and my input heard and applied to real-world decisions. With the knowledge and applicable skills that I've gained in my internship, I feel better equipped to shape my future into what I want it to be, and hopefully one day get the chance to use my skills to impact the world in a positive way."



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