Caroline Aikins

Caroline Aikins
Caroline Aikins

Faculty-Mentored Independent Research in Zion National Park

Hometown:  Cumming, GA

Major:  Ecology

College:  Odum School of Ecology

Career goals:  I hope to work in the field of conservation ecology or ecosystem restoration.

Extracurriculars:  Former member of UGA Swimming and Diving; UGA Club Swimming member


Class of 2021

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Caroline traveled to Zion National Park, Utah, to conduct research on anthropogenic impacts on the diet diversity of ringtails.


"This project allowed me to gain invaluable experience in the field of ecology. With the research and reporting experience I have gained, I feel more equipped than ever to take on the uphill battle of environmental issues we face today."

Caroline Aikins looking into microscope in laboratory


"I previously had no experience with independent research. In developing my own research project, I was able to practice sampling and lab processing techniques, as well as become more proficient in Excel data analysis. Condensing findings into understandable figures and statements is a crucial skill for scientific communication, which will directly assist me in the future.

I was also able to witness the scale of anthropogenic impact on the diet of ringtails firsthand, which was very significant, as I hope to work to mitigate the impact humans have on the natural landscape.It is my hope that through conservation ecology and effective communication, I can help each person realize the dependency that we all have on a healthy environment."