Alex Buie

Alex Buie
Alex Buie

Russian Language Study Abroad Program

Hometown: Sylvania, GA

Major: Biology; Minor in Russian

College:  Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Career goals:  To earn a degree in Biology on a pre-pharmacy track and then obtain a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from UGA


Class of 2022

*EL Scholarship Recipient

Alexander traveled to Russia, where he spent six weeks studying Russian language and culture.



"Going to Russia with Study Abroad was truly the experience of a lifetime for me. This program has enabled me to achieve numerous goals that I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember."

Alex Buie standing in front of an ornate building in Russia


"During my time in Russia, I was able to cement grammatical rules of Russian that I had been struggling with as long as I have been studying the language.  I learned much more vocabulary than I would have by taking courses in America, simply because I needed to constantly learn new words to navigate my way through common interactions I would have with Russian natives on a daily basis.  My Russian significantly improved as a result of this method, and I found myself conversing with people in public about various topics with full comprehension.

Going to Russia, and successfully becoming conversational in the language, is something I have always dreamed of doing.  This will always remain beneficial for me in my future studies, career, and personal life."