Abraham Johnson

Abraham JohnsonAbe Johnson EL scholarship recipient

Literary Internship at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center; CURO Research

Hometown: Rome, GA

Majors: English, Theater; Grant Writing Certificate

College: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Career goals: I'm passionate about education, self-production, and community-building: I would love any career that combines those qualities! I could see myself running a theater or teaching English at a university.

Class of 2019

"[My internship] changed my life in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to professionally apply the research I've been working on for over three years... and it showed me that there is an almost-infinite number of paths to becoming a playwright, dramaturg, and theatre artist."

"I've completed three research assistantships and a summer fellowship [with CURO], and my work in researching new play development has taken me from starting a student organization at UGA all the way to completing a literary internship at the 'launchpad of American Theater.'

During my sophomore year I studied the history of the O'Neill Theater... so getting the chance to actually work there a couple year later was a totally  thrilling experience... I'm now trained to be a first-round reader for their National Playwriting Conference- a huge and totally unexpected honor. "

EL Scholarship Recipient