World Leaders

World LeadersThe World Leaders Program

is a meaningful leadership opportunity for students interested in creating a welcoming, supportive environment for international students at UGA. World Leaders serve as the first official welcome to UGA for all incoming international students and work together in teams to create, facilitate, and deliver an inclusive orientation program each semester.

Purpose: : To allow students to develop leadership skills and enhance campus inclusivity through facilitating international student orientation.   

Sponsor: International Student Life (ISL), Student Affairs

EL Area: Leadership

World leaders receive training in intercultural competency development, intercultural communication, academic and cultural adjustment, and community building in order to serve as the best possible resource for incoming international students. Through the World Leader experience, students practice effective communication, public speaking, teamwork, professionalism, and time management skills by serving the 300+ students who participate each year. 

Ben Cecil

The World Leader program is an essential component of international student orientation each year. This group of students provides a level of understanding and context to the UGA experience critical to helping a new international student feel at home. Through this experience, World Leaders help create a more interculturally competent campus environment for all students by learning effective intercultural communication skills and understanding the perspectives of someone different than themselves

- Ben Cecil, ISL Assistant Director