Winegrowers of Georgia Internship

Harvesting grapes for wineThe Winegrowers of Georgia Internship

is a partnership between CAES and the Georgia Wine Producer Association (GWPA) that gives CAES students the opportunity to learn basic and advanced techniques in vineyard management and winery logistics in Georgia's vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms.

Purpose: To provide students with hands-on experience in Georgia's viticulture and enology industry. 

Sponsor: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)

EL Area: Internship

Students gain meaningful skills and knowledge through vineyard care, spray programs, cultivating and thinning grapes in summer, and harvesting, crushing, and fermentation techniques in fall. Interns also learn about vineyard pest and disease control, fermentation and racking of wine, barrel aging, winemaking, bottling and marketing. The Winegrowers of Georgia Internship is well-supported by the vineyard and wine industries in Georgia.


Leo Lombardini

“The hands-on work experience interns receive in the vineyards and wineries is invaluable and allows them to apply the knowledge they have acquired in school to the real world, witnessing firsthand the day-to-day duties of a winemaker, and receiving feedback from people already established in the field. At the same time, this internship program gives Georgia winegrowers the opportunity to hire the best local talents, to open network opportunities with UGA, as well as help their business make a difference to the local economy, local people and the locality as a whole."

- Leo Lombardini, Department Head