Small Satellite Research Lab

Students in NASA LabThe Small Satellite Research Lab (SSRL)

was founded in 2016 as an avenue for undergraduates to design, build and test small-scale, space-ready satellites. The SSRL provides students with the opportunity to lead and operate the lab while working with faculty mentors on projects funded by the Air Force and NASA.

Purpose: Nurture undergraduate students in STEM related fields through research and to drive technical innovation at UGA

Sponsor: Franklin College of Arts & Sciences 

EL Area: Research

Participants gain valuable experience in designing space hardware while also developing their writing, budgeting, and management skills. The SSRL allows students play an active role in bringing national and international recognition to UGA through its development of cutting- edge technology.

Student being guided on computer

"This program is truly an immersive experience for the students since they are directly involved in the designing, building, testing, and operating of spacecraft. In the SSRL the students are leading all aspects of the project while working directly with faculty,as well as government and industry partners." 

- David Cotten, PI/ Lab Manager