Certification Officers

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Joe Broder, Associate Dean   706-542-1611

College of Education

Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, Department Head of Educational Psychology    706-542-4247

College of Engineering

Ramaraja Ramasamy, Associate Dean   706-542-4101

College of Environment and Design

Brad Davis, BLA Program Director   706-542-5194

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Patti Hunt-Hurst, Associate Dean   706-542-4860

College of Pharmacy

Michael Bartlett, Interim Assistant Dean   706-542-5390

College of Public Health

Health Promotion & Behavior:
Katie Hein, Assistant Professor   706-542-4358

Environmental Health:
Anne Marie Zimeri, Assistant Professor   706-542-9567

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Martin Kagel, Associate Dean   706-542-2840

Grady College of Journalism

Alison Alexander, Associate Dean  706-542-1704

Odum School of Ecology

Sonia Altizer, Associate Dean   706-542-9251

School of Public and International Affairs

Robert Grafstein, Interim Dean  706-542-2059

School of Social Work

Leon Banks, Senior Academic Professional  706-542-5428

Terry College of Business

Henry Munneke, Associate Dean  706-542-8414

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Robert Bringolf, Associate Dean  706-542-4284

Updated 8/2/18